Proven Success

We are ChalleNGe

Success is our very nature

Our program has a track record of proven success. Our graduates are involved in every industry and facet of life within Kentucky. Our graduates know no boundaries and are, at their very core, destined for great things.

Below you will find some examples of the graduates that our program has produced. This could be you or someone you know. Step up today and accept the challenge.


Jon M. Moriarity

"I attended the Bluegrass Challenge Academy located in For Knox. There I received direction in life because the decisions I was making were leading me nowhere. I learned many things while attending, mainly that of responsibility. I had always blamed others for my actions but now everything was pla read more...

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Donnell Dunnings

On January 8th, 2017 I became a resident of the Appalachian Challenge Academy. I went to the Academy in need of credits to help me get caught up in school and graduate on time, and that is what I did. While at the academy I gained a total of 10.5 credits and was able to come back to my high schoo read more...

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Timothy Spreder

Timothy Spreder is a graduate of the Bluegrass Challenge Academy. After an extremely successful cycle at the BCA, Mr. Spreder decided to enlist in the United States Marines in 2004. After completing Recruit Training at Paris Island, the new Marine was assigned his first duty station. Spreder enjoy read more...


Draviyon Terry

My name is Dreviyon Terry. I attended the Appalachian challenge academy a few years back. I was troubled and going down the wrong path. Then I spent 6 months getting better school wise, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I went back to school my junior year basically a senior with the amount o read more...

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Austin Davidson

When I attended the Appalachian Challenge Academy during the class of 009, I didn't think "that place" would have as big of an impact on my life as it did. It is an impact that I'll never forget. The person I was before the academy compared to the person I have become is unimaginable. Before the read more...

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Lauren Isaac

I, Lauren Isaac, Class 10, have a story similar to many other cadets who come to the ACA. I had not been doing that great in school, was running around and, in general, l was doing things that were causing stress within my family. You might say it was a joint decision between my dad and me to com read more...