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The Kentucky Youth ChalleNGe Program is part of a national program for 16 -18 year old citizens of Kentucky who are having trouble or are in danger of falling behind in a traditional school setting. 

We offer a COST FREE opportunity in the form of a 22-week residential program where applicants are able to focus on their education and character development in a controlled environment without the distraction of every day life. 

Applicants receive custom tailored educational plans that allow for credit recovery or even obtaining one’s High School Diploma. Along with out educational focus, applicants are given a full scale character tranformation with the application of our 8-Core Components.



Our academies are equipped for every educational situation imaginable. Where you see a problem, we see an opportunity. Our academies partner with referring school systems to ensure applicants receive the focus they need to catch up and return to high school or graduate just as they would in a traditional setting with a fully accredited diploma.



Our 8-Core components are designed to give applicants the tools to change the things they wish to change in themselves and strengthen those aspects that make them outstanding.



Our program uses the quasi-military model. This simply means we take the positive aspects of the military such as structure, discipline, accountability, etc… and blend them in to every day life. Cadets are given a uniform and can earn rank to reinforce their leadership capabilities.

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Our academies distinguish themselves by producing top quality graduates class after class.






Credits Earned


Diplomas Awarded

But what is ChalleNGe?

What we are

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In more precise language, we seek out the mislabeled youth and help them find the successful individual that lives in them. These young adults may be know as “a problem child”, “knucklehead”, “lost cause”, “rough around the edges”, or any number of misnomers. We seek those young adults out who, no matter their past, desire to have a future.`

We take these young adults and we place them in a quasi-military (meaning “like” the military) residential setting where they are molded and guided by dedicated adults who want nothing more than to make a positive impact. 

Our applicants are taught discipline, structure, time management, accountability, and a host of other qualities to help them realize their full potential. When coupled with our cutting edge approach to education, we produce results that astound and amaze everyone involved. 

To clear things up

What we are NOT!

Often times we receive questions or confusion about what we are and what we are not. We are not:
- A bootcamp
- A place for “bad kids”
-A treatment facility
-Juvenile Detention

It’s easy to mistake some of the aspects of our program with programs that are similiar in nature but we truly are like no other.  You may see a uniform and think military but we see the uniform and think equality. This is just one aspect of the Quasi-Military structure that we use at our academies.


We dont want you to take our word for it. We want you to hear it from those who have accepted the ChalleNGe

Cadet Jackson

"Youth ChalleNGe helped me to have a more positive outlook on life and to give me a more structured lifestyle."


Cadet Miller

"Youth ChalleNGe taught me to never give up and no matter how hard something is, just push yourself."


Cadet Corder

"Youth ChalleNGe has helped me to understand that there is good in everyone. The mistakes in your past are not a life sentence."


Cadet Praria

"Before I came here I felt lost, now I have a direction."

To change the world we must change ourselves

Our 8-Core Components

These components are the pillars of our approach to positive character development. They are woven into every day life while cadets are enrolled in our program. Through positive reinforcement and repetition, cadets begin to understand the value of these behaviors and learn to apply them to achieving their goals.


Academic Excellence

Applicants are given top of the line educational opportunities which can include credit recovery or GED prep. Applicants can even graduate the program with a full High School Diploma if certain criteria are met while enrolled.



All applicants are placed into leadership positions and mentored on how to be an effective leader. Our program also carries a rank structure which teaches accountability and consequence. 


Life Coping Skills

Life is tough, especially for today’s youth. Our academies give each applicant the tools to cope with even the most stressful of situations. Our program comes with an in-house counseling staff to fully address the needs of each cadet.


Service To Community

Applicants are taught the importance and value of giving back to one’s community. Each cadet will complete a minimum of 40 hours of meaningful service to the local communities.


Health & Hygiene

Our programs teach our cadets the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as the dangers involved in not.


Job Skills

Applicants receive a host of training geared towards making them the best possible choice for the career of their dreams. They are taught about interviewing techniques and resume writing skills to further their chances of success.


Responsible Citizenship

We believe that a thorough understanding of what it means to be an American citizen is key to executing the duties of such. Cadets are taught how the structures of democracy work and participate in a student body government. Eligible applicants will be registered to vote as well as registered for selective service.


Physical Fitness

A healthy body is a healthy mind. Physical fitness is an every day occurrence in our program. Cadets are taught the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle and are encouraged to push themselves to achive new heights.

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If you or someone you know could benefit from our services, please reach out to us today to begin the steps towards a successful future. If you have questions that need answers, please reach out to us today. If you’re still on the fence or otherwise unsure, let us help you navigate this life changing decision. We eagerly await the opportunity to help.

Our Campuses

Ft. Knox, Ky

114 Conroy Ave., Ft. Knox, Ky 41021


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Harlan, Ky

465 Grays Branch Road Grays Knob, Ky 40829


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